Garrett Drover


Garrett Drover is a tall, sturdily built man in his late thirties. His hair and beard are both worn short, and have a color like dark chocolate. His eyes are similarly colored. He typically dresses is utilitarian clothing well-suited for travel and manual labor.


Garrett Drover makes his living driving caravans throughout the River Kingdoms, but he makes his home in Graywell. When the adventures were hired by Zdala Surtova to wipe out Horace Cloy’s gang, Garrett accompanied them to Daggermark.

During the battle with Cloy’s bandits, Drover received a wound that seemed likely to be fatal, but he was saved by the timely intervention of Evin’Golis. Drover was able to return the favor by bludgeoning to death one of the bandits attacking Evin’Golis. After the skirmish concluded, Drover expressed his gratitude to Evin’Golis and suggested that he might be interested studying the faith of Desna.

Garrett Drover

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