Robern Slaheel

Grim enforcer of the Athanor.


Robern Slaheel is a tall, muscular man with a perpetually grim and wary countenance. Although his dark hair is shaved at the temples, he has grown neatly trimmed muttonchops which attach cleanly to his mustache. When out in public, he typically wears a breastplate of the highest quality and he openly bears the unholy symbol of Norgorber.


Robern Slaheel is the acting enforcer of the agenda of The Athanor. He has, on occasion, made known his suspicions that the half-orc Kazzik is planning some treachery against Graywell. Kazzik, for his part, believes that Slaheel’s suspicions are the product of racism.

Robern Slaheel

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